Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Forgive me. I've been rather neglectful of this blog. Life, you know. News: We're Pregnant! Other News: Bed Rest- for now anyway. I promise I haven't forgotten about the blogosphere and I will have new things to write about...SOON!

Oh, and I still haven't had to make anymore laundry detergent. Yep, I've gone 4 months on 80-something cents of detergent. You'll just have to wait a little bit longer for those pictures! Seriously though...try it!

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  1. Congratulations! I hope you are feeling well and can be up and around soon. :)

    As for the detergent. I finally got around to making it. I'm an expert procrastinator. I have to say...I Love it! I used it for the first time 2 nights ago. My clothes are so unbelievably soft. Love love love love love. :D