Saturday, February 5, 2011

The fight against Cabin Fever: Support the Cause!

Most of the northeast is snowy. Really snowy. This isn't new to us, we're used to it. Let me just say...that doesn't make it easy. I'm from New York. I can drive through a snow blizzard without wincing and I can't help but laugh when folks in the south close down schools for 2 inches of snow (hear me roar?). Wanna know what makes me tremble with fear? Being locked up in a house with children suffering a bad case of cabin fever. THAT makes me want to run and hide.

The kids get crazy, crazy, crazy.

Mommy gets crazy, crazy, crazy.

One boy is tossing around my freshly folded laundry while the other boy is making some horrid noise that's supposed to sound like a dinosaur. over. and. over. again. Let's be honest, it sounds like a dying goat and, great, now the baby's awake. Clearly while I'm quickly picking up the laundry that the 2 yr. old threw around and the baby's screaming, said 2 yr. old thinks this is a great opportunity to dump out a crate of toys and the 3 yr. old is now whining for juice and a snack. And, oh yeah, the baby is still screaming.

Don't pretend this hasn't happened to you.

....this has happened to you...right?

As much as I pray for patience and that "cheerful countenance" that Psalm 31 is always talking about, I'm only human. Sometimes, I'm not so cheerful, and sometimes I get a little crazy. My life is crazy. It's beautiful and extremely blessed, but it's definitely on the left side of sane. In the most amazing way, of course.

During moments like that one detailed above, I need something to redirect the boy's excess energy and I need it QUICK. Below are a few things that I use to {quickly} redirect the kids when I can tell that they're getting to the point where the symptoms of cabin fever are about to take over my rosey cheeked cherubs and turn them into...well, something else. Something else entirely.

1. Puppets. I got these for the little hands in my house. They're inexpensive (about $10 for the set) and they work. I keep them up in the cabinet and they only come out during "emergencies", so it's exciting for them since they don't play with them on a daily basis. It's like Christmas!

2. Paint. Okay, I know paint is messy. But in my experience, the messier an activity is, the more excited they'll be and the longer it'll keep their attention. Crayola washable paint is very, very washable. I promise. I have big sheets of paper that I tape down to the kitchen floor and let the kids create their own little masterpiece. Then I just mop up the floor whenever I get to it. No harm done. This masterpiece was created during one of "those" moments. It kept their attention for about 1 1/2 hours.

3. Tissue paper stained glass window. I haven't tried this one yet....but it looks pretty awesome.

4. Snow play. Obvious, right? Get the kids outside, fill up some water bottles with water + food coloring and let them "paint" in the snow. Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet, or maybe, if you have the energy (and I won't blame you if you don't) start tackling Mt. Laundry.

...don't act like you don't have a Mt. Laundry.

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