Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookie Monster

Christmastime in the Miller household = Cookies. Lots-n-lots of Cookies. I started making & freezing cookie dough 2 weeks ago in preparation. The upside? No cookie frenzy 2 or 3 days before Christmas day like in past years. The downside? I can't find room in the freezer for actual FOOD. Ah, well. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

What are some of your favorite cookie recipes? Here are a few of my standbys. I try to add in a few newbies every year, but there are some that I am faithful t

Classic Spritz Cookies (Mom got me this cookie press for my b-day. It's awesome!)

Hazelnut Butter Balls (Almost like a truffle, but easier.)
1 1/2 C Nutella spread
24 cinnamon graham cracker squares, crushed
1 cup pwd sugar
1 tbsp whipping cream
12 ounces
semisweet baking chocolate,chopped
2 tsp shortening
2 tbsp finely chopped toasted hazelnuts(opt)

line baking sheet with waxed paper; set aside
beat nutella and crushed graham crackers in a lrg mixing bowl with electric mixer until combined.Gradually stir in pwd sugar.Stir in whipping cream to make stiff mixture.Shape mixture into 1 inch balls;place balls on baking sheet.Chill for about an hour.

Cook and stir chocolate and shortening in med saucepan over low heat until melted and smooth.Remove from heat.Quickly dip balls, one at a time into melted chocolate and place back on baking sheet with waxed paper.Roll in hazelnuts if desired.Chill until set.Store in fridge.Makes 54 balls.

What are your holiday baking standbys? Please share!

Next time on The Humble Homemaker: Remember this epic fail? Strides have been made. Oh yes.

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