Friday, January 14, 2011

Who needs a store-bought sled when you have cardboard and duct tape?

My in-laws live right around the corner from us and we're currently in a "one car family" situation. My mother in law suggested piling the kids onto a sled and pulling them over for a visit. This sounded great, in theory. Only one problem...we didn't have a sled and due to Zac's work schedule, it wasn't likely that I'd be able to get to the store to buy one any time soon.

But since when has that ever stopped me?

I had a bunch of collapsed cardboard boxes and duct tape up in the attic from when we moved this past summer. I took two flattened boxes, completely covered them in duct tape, used some rope to tie them together and add a rope for me to pull. Pile on kids (and diaper bag) and bundle up Margaux and put her in the Moby Wrap and we were off!

I'm sure I looked completely ridiculous with a baby strapped to my chest and two toddlers on a sleigh, hauling them down the sidewalk...but the kids had a blast, Margaux fell fast asleep, and I got my first official post partum workout.

(P.S. You might be wondering what the heck is up with that red hat that Julian is wearing. It's the ears from Christopher's Clifford the Big Red dog costume from 2 years ago. He insisted.)

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