Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes: A follow Up.

1. Remember hubby's promotion (mentioned last week) that I asked you all to pray for? IT WORKED! God is so good. It took 4 tries over the course of more than a year, but it finally 'prayed off'. ::proud wife:: So thank you to anyone who included us in your prayers! :)

2. Margaux Alexandria is 1. She had a decked out princess party. It was pretty awesome. We served strawberry cupcakes (recipe from my neighbor) and THESE chocolate ones. The name is a little scandalous. And ladies, so is the flavor. Oh yes.

3. Can anyone recommend a good camcorder? Nothing fancy. Actually, I prefer it not be fancy (nor expensive) because

...I have young kids that like to get into things. Need I say more?

4. Monday starts a new challenge. The Beachbody Challenge. I'll be doing Brazil Butt Lift (I know the same sounds kind of silly...but try it. Oh. My. Word.) This will be the first time I've taken on a regimented routine and meal plan since before I got pregnant with Margaux. So more than anything I could use some accountability.

5. Speaking of which, I'd like you all to jump over and read the article I wrote earlier today. It's called "Health and Fitness...from a Christian Perspective." Please, please do not look at healthy eating and exercise as a luxury. It is so much more than that.

6. I read this book with the kids earlier this week. SO. CUTE! It's called "Little One Step" and is about a little duckling who just gets so overwhelmed with the task at hand. He wants to throw in the towel, but then his big brother reminds him to take "one step" at a time. I think every child (and adult) should have this book on their shelf.

7. It's laundry soap day. I like to make a huge batch of laundry soap about twice per year. Saves a lot of time and money!

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